Chicken Stare Off – Win Free KFC Daily

While my blog is primarily of food recipes, I just could not resist to post something else food related.

Its not a food recipe or food story or food shopping but its a freebie of how you can get your hands on some free KFC. The only catch is you should be good at the starring game which I am sure everyone has played in their life time either as kids or adults with their children.

The only requirments are you need to have a webcam on your PC or laptop.

I tried the game yesterday and manged to get a coupon for a free fillet burger worth £1.34. You cannot receive high price items but does include some good treats.

The promotion runs from 10 February 2014 to midnight of 27 April 2014.

You can win the following products – Hot Wings, Mini-Fillet Burger, Streetwise Wrap, Streetwise Snack Box and Streetwise All Stars.

You can play everyday until the promotion ends or ceases to run and once you qualified for a voucher whether its the hot wings, mini fillet burger you will have 5 tries to try and perform better to get a bigger price.

Once you download the voucher you could print it off or show it on your phone in particpating stores.

Hope you guys enjoy the promotion and wins some free KFC. I know I am going to try for a bigger price 🙂

I would love to hear from anyone who wins the Streewise All Stars.


I tried the game on 11 February and 12 February 2014 and won a couple of vouchers for a mini fillet burger and Streetwise All Stars which me and my OH was able to redeem today 13 February 2014 at our local KFC store without issue.

I tried to play the game again today 13 February 2014 and was greeted with this message from KFC



Congratulations to all the blinking marvellous champion starers.

Recently we challenged you to put your peepers to the test and take on our Streetwise
snacks, in the ultimate online staring competition. Within hours, hundreds of thousands
of you eyed up the masters of staring and beat them fair and square.

Due to sheer demand, Chicken Stare-Off has taken a break to rest its eyes.
So for now, enjoy your victory chicken (while stocks last).
And keep your eyes open for more fun and games soon.

So it seems that the game has temporarily been taken off. I will update this post if the game is back up for some free KFC.